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Hvordan søker jeg etter ord og definisjoner?

A: You can look up definitions of computer terms using the search box at the top of each page within the TechLib.com website. When you begin typing a search term, the search suggest feature will provide a list of definitions available from TechLib.com. You can select a term using the up and down arrow keys on your computer. Once you have entered a term or selected one from the list, press "Enter" to view the definition.

If you want to search for a term or phrase within the definitions, you can use the "Avansert søk" option. You can access the Advanced Search page by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the search box or by pressing "Enter" before typing anything in the search box. The Advanced Search feature allows you to search for a term or phrase within the Tech Lib definitions. It will display a list of results instead of directing you to a specific term.

You may also browse terms by category, alphabetically, or by Teknisk faktor bruker Søk side.

If you cannot find the term you are looking for, please kontakt Tech Lib.